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Our Mission

To come along side families as we teach our littlest ones the basic truths of who God is. Early Explorers, our infant through Pre-K ministry, is where it all begins. Our goal is far more than just childcare on Sundays. In everything we do, from rocking tiny babies to leading 3-year-olds in song, we are intentional about teaching the children about God.

Your Newborn

0-6 weeks old

Children are incredible gifts from God!  At this tender age, we understand you will want to keep your infant with you during service. We also understand that infants are unpredictable at this age.  They may sleep the entire time, or they may make cute baby noises or even begin to cry.  As much as we love all these things, it may be distracting to other guests. 

That’s why we created the Mommy-N-Me Care Room located in the Nurture Center.  

  • We have gliders, changing tables, privacy for nursing mothers, a baby swing and a Pack-n-Play.

  • You won’t miss out on service as we pipe into this room in order to allow you to hear service while you care for your infant.

Your Infant 

6 weeks to 4 months

Our dedicated team loves babies!  Your infant experiences so many milestones early in their development, such as: a first tooth, first steps to walking, first words, etc.  It’s a privilege to celebrate these moments with you!  At this age, your infant will learn that God loves them and we do too!

You will receive an infant care card that describes your baby’s activities (eating, sleeping & diapering) after each service. We have two rooms for this age:

  • One room has rocking chairs for children to be rocked and cared for.

  • The second room has appropriate developmental toys, activities, exersaucers, swings and music that encourage play and learning.

  • Your infant will receive a snack of cheerios or baby melts.

  • After each diaper change, a sticker will be placed on your infant’s nametag.

Your Toddler

2 & 3 year olds

FUN is the key to your toddler’s heart and FUN is what they get during their classroom time. Through a safe, fun and loving interactive environment, we focus on teaching toddlers that God made them and He loves them! 

Your toddler will spend time in two adjacent rooms:  

  • One room has toys, books, role-play activities and fun lessons about God.

  • In the second room, your toddler will have fun with craft time, snacks, music and, of course, more toys!

  • Toddlers love their snacks! Water and a snack of cheerios, goldfish, crackers or pretzels will be available during snack time.